Dr.Phillips aims to provide a wellness program, customized to every individual based on their medical needs. Her passion is to get people to live healthy lifestyles, and reduce risk factors of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. With the weight loss program, she helps remove any excess weight, and reduce the need for any harmful medications or side-effects and thereby reducing risks of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. 

As a primary care patient, we will offer  you: your annual physical (i.e cardiac evaluation, dermatology, lungs, kidneys and liver), women’s health and men’s health services and preventative labs, as well as immunizations needed. 

We will also review your medications and see how we can remove what can be harmful to you and can cause weight gain. 

Based on your health assessment physical and labs, Dr. Phillips will then customize a plan to help you achieve your goals. She will be with you every step of the way. 

In addition, if you get sick along the way we will offer you same day or next day telemedicine visit or office visit. 

We understand the constraints of time and we value your time with us in the office. If you struggle with office visits and wait times, we can review your labs through a telemedicine visit. We will also provide you with an app to see your wait time, so your never left uninformed. 

Our Mission

  • Dr.Phillips aims to enhance and preserve the health of every patient by providing a comprehensive, integrated, convenient and affordable care network with equal access to every individual of the community.

Our Vision

  • To deliver high quality evidence based primary care medical home to every member of the family from beginning to end, spiritually, emotionally and physically.
  • To provide a natural and healthy medically supervised option for weight management and treatment of  chronic diseases to reduce number of medications
  • To provide efficent and integrated access to affordable health care to all members of community.

Our Values

Five fundamental values of the Dr. Phillips Medical Wellness Center is to deliver:

  • Quality: To deliver a high standard evidence based healthcare that is measurable.
  • Integrity: Committed to continuos self evaluations and quality improvement to ensure patient safety, efficient use of medical resources, and excellence in clinical outcomes.
  • Teamwork: To collaborate with patients, hospital , specialists and ancillary services to deliver connected care system that is seamless and affordable.
  • Compassion: To provide a caring and supportive environment for our patients and their families and caregivers.
  • Service : To strive to exceed the patients expectations for comfort and convenience

Our TeamWho’s behind the scenes?